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Birthdate:Mar 16
Location:United States of America
I am the artist formerly known as emerald_ibis (on Livejournal), and decided to make a slight change for Dreamwidth. I call myself Wendil, my friends call me Wendil, so there you are.

I am quietly bowing out of my LiveJournal. I don't know why. I felt the need for a change, I suppose. I may eventually cross-post what I write here to my LJ. In the meantime, I suspect that I am going to do the bulk of my online writing here in this space. I like the idea of a fresh start. I got a DW back when the invitations and codes were first going out, largely because I wanted to grab my name. Now, though, I see this place as a new beginning. I am going to write here, I am going to BE here, and hopefully I can start making words again. That would be very, very nice.

Who am I? Scooby. Brown Coat. Slytherclaw. Gentleman Bastard. Airship pirate. Alpha female. Leppard cub. Pill-counting, story-telling, book-reading, cookie-crafting, snark-talking shortchick.

Big Damn Hero. And I'm still flying.

Interests (18):

baking badass cookies, blue october, creating fiction, crunchy & delicious fiction, good urban fantasy, intaking creativity, labyrinth, led zeppelin, literature, neil gaiman, neverwhere, nightmare before christmas, ocean's eleven, palimpsest, snarking, the killers, the rocky horror picture show, tonic
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